Huawei SAP Alliance

SAP HANA Appliance Products

  • Single Node: RH5885H
  • FusionCube: E9000







Value Proposition to Customer( CIO and IT Manager)

More Value to Customer

  • Redefine database performance with Huawei SAP HANA Appliances.
  • Fast, Simple with Lowest TCO
  • Mission Critical Operations

  • Infrastructure: Carrier-class Reliability with High Availability
  • Server failure rate 15% lower than industry average
  • The fastest speed (20X) for data recovery
  • Large datacenter delivery and operations experience
  • Outstanding Architecture

  • Huawei's FusionStorage leverages Huawei distributed storage to deliver the most efficient use of SAN storage to build a high performance and scalable architecture
  • Scalable system delivers modular expansion to allow your business to grow as needed
  • Powerful converged infrastructure enables unified management and monitoring through a single management portal
  • Achieve Business Goals Faster

  • Supports SAP HANA Proof of Concept (PoC) tests to accelerate the decision process
  • 3-hour business delivery because Huawei SAP HANA appliance is pre-integrated, pre-optimized and pre-installed

  • Value Proposition: Why Partner with Huawei?

    Excellent Product Capabilities

  • Huawei's investment in innovation results in delivering a SAP HANA appliance with the fastest, simplest and lowest TCO characteristics of any SAP HANA appliance available.
  • The optimal choice for SAP HANA operations staff and architects
  • Strategy Cooperation Relationship

  • Huawei and SAP have developed a strategic global technical alliance including a joint innovation laboratory, which is focused on SAP HANA technical innovation
  • More Value to Partner

  • Proof of concept test devices and discounted demo devices for partners
  • Access to project team to help partners develop key projects
  • Pre-sales support services and training for partners
  • User summit to help partners generate and nurture leads
  • Simplify rollout because Huawei SAP HANA appliance is pre-integrated , pre-optimized and pre-installed
  • Channel incentive program for partner
  • Trusted Vendor

  • $40B global company with strong technical background focused on ICT infrastructure
  • Leverage Huawei's strategic customer relationships to penetrate large enterprise accounts
  • Large data center delivery and operation experience
  • What is SAP HANA

    The SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) is a data platform which can be deployed as an appliance, or in the cloud. This revolutionary platform is ideally suited to run real-time analytics, and to develop and deploy real-time applications. It enables real-time processing of massive amounts of data in the main memory of a server.

    Huawei has partnered with SAP to create HANA appliances based on Huawei’s high-end hardware platform which feature outstanding performance and exceptional value.

    Huawei provides complete deployment options for SAP HANA including cloud offerings (HANA One, HANA Enterprise Cloud) and on-premise offerings (HANA Appliance, B1A, B1H). The appliances cover the range from entry-level, with 128GB of memory to large-scale with 16+ terabytes of usable memory.

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    • Real time in-memory computing platform delivered as an appliance
    • Comprehensive tools for data management
    • Standard and open interfaces supported
    • Integrated with Hadoop

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